October 25, 2009

So the last game I created was essentially rated PG.  Sure it had adult themes, death was certainly a possibility.  However death was not a fate all characters could be eneded by.  You played kids, so it was naturally assumed it was a kids game (odd that Little Fears doesn’t get that)  of course this probably had a lot to do with the style and humor I wrote it in.

Gnome is a little different.  Death comes swiftly, brutally, and often times graphically.  The worlds not a nice place if you’re four inches high.  Add ot that themes of religion, philosiphy, and the comfort of ignorance you lose a lot of the innocence in apprentice.  Considering the next game I’m working on is naturally adult I suppose you could call it natural progression.

Ultimately it brings to mind that capturing the feel of the system can inadvertently change just who plays the game.  An adult game will be played by adults, while something younger will go down in age, etc. etc.  I think in the end Gnome is going to appeal to at least a more contemplative audience.  It’s not going to appeal to the ahrdcore adventuring crowd.  These gnomes, while certainly adventurous, aren’t prone to simply adventure for its own sake.

But, if nothing else gnome is versatile.  I’ll get some playtesting going once I have professions and combat completely figured out.


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