Why I’m smiling.

September 21, 2009

So at a recent trip to walmart with my fiance she found a five dollar copy of the Secret of NIMH in the bargain dvd bin.  Being the impulsive shopping female and fangirl that she is she naturally picked it up.

Watching it last night I couldn’t help but smile as nearly everything in the movie (minus the mystical magic shit which always upsets me since that never showed up anywhere in the book) reminded me of the kinds of adventurers I expect the characters in Gnome to be having.  The main character did some rather scary things.  She lept into a tractor in order to stop it despite the incredible dangers involved.  She approached a being that spends most of it’s day hunting down and eating creatures her size.  She approached a group of mysterious adn dangerous beings and even ran into a human dwelling to subdue a gigantic and evil cat.  This was not done out of the attitude of a questing adventurer but of a caring mother trying to save her family from certain death.

That’s the kind of attitude I want to catch in gnome.  The world is hostile, if it’s not humans, it’s predators, adn if it isn’t predators it’s the xenophobic cannibal tribe on the other side of the field.  Which gives me an oppurtunity to speak to you about the first step of Gnome character creation: Answering the Seven Questions

What is the characters name?

What does your character love?

What does your character hate?

Who are his friends and family?

Who are his enemies and rivals?

What does your gnome do for the good of the community?

What is your characters ambition in life?

Now those who are familiar wiht my Apprentice game know that this was simply an alltered list from that game.  It is.  Originally Apprentice was a means of introducing new players into roleplaying of all ages.  These seven questions were designed to help a player create a believable character without leaving out important details that they would be forced to bog down the game with later in trying to come up with on the fly.  Some GM’s don’t mind this but it does slow down play and can rip the tension out of a particular scene in a heartbeat.

It was also my intention that these seven question form the foundation of the character adn most importantly, to provoke actual thought about the characters thoughts and mannerisms that too often get lost in the miasma of making a mechanically awesome character.

Anyway, short post today I have a lot of work to do and no time to do it.  Until next time.


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