That’s it I’m out.

December 5, 2009

Too much to do and this years game chef just isn’t compelling enough to stick around.  I hope I was an aid to some people.  As for Gnome I’m just putting it on the shelf of forgotten projects to perhaps return to at a later date.


Argh delays!

November 6, 2009

It’s  good thing I believe in getting things right the first time no matter how long it takes to do it.  Sickness, unemployment, general laziness and at least three other projects demanding my attention have almost forced me to abandon Game Chef altogether to focus on other things.  Still, there has been far too much work done now to abandon it.  I’ve coe far along enough now that I actually need some artwork to help me think about the layout.  If anybody’s reading this and can point me in the right direction of some artists who’d like to get themselves into a published work let me know and we’ll work something out.


October 25, 2009

So the last game I created was essentially rated PG.  Sure it had adult themes, death was certainly a possibility.  However death was not a fate all characters could be eneded by.  You played kids, so it was naturally assumed it was a kids game (odd that Little Fears doesn’t get that)  of course this probably had a lot to do with the style and humor I wrote it in.

Gnome is a little different.  Death comes swiftly, brutally, and often times graphically.  The worlds not a nice place if you’re four inches high.  Add ot that themes of religion, philosiphy, and the comfort of ignorance you lose a lot of the innocence in apprentice.  Considering the next game I’m working on is naturally adult I suppose you could call it natural progression.

Ultimately it brings to mind that capturing the feel of the system can inadvertently change just who plays the game.  An adult game will be played by adults, while something younger will go down in age, etc. etc.  I think in the end Gnome is going to appeal to at least a more contemplative audience.  It’s not going to appeal to the ahrdcore adventuring crowd.  These gnomes, while certainly adventurous, aren’t prone to simply adventure for its own sake.

But, if nothing else gnome is versatile.  I’ll get some playtesting going once I have professions and combat completely figured out.

Gnomish History

October 18, 2009

So what makes a better history for a game setting?  Relative vagueness with hints at a past or a detailed history with lots and lots of neat little details?  Those are the questions I have to answer in regard to gnome.

I know I meant to post somethign meaningful like several days ago but things have been hectically busy.  Six months of sickness and a lot of work on both ends of a two person relationship.

Anyway, I’m uploading the character creation rules for Gnome now.

You can get the character creation rules here

Being sick sucks

September 25, 2009

The really crappy part about trying to be a professional writer is trying to force yourself in front of the keyboard every day.  Especially the days where I feel like complete ass.  Anyway will have a more meaningful update tommorrow when I should be just healthy enough to deal with it.

Why I’m smiling.

September 21, 2009

So at a recent trip to walmart with my fiance she found a five dollar copy of the Secret of NIMH in the bargain dvd bin.  Being the impulsive shopping female and fangirl that she is she naturally picked it up.

Watching it last night I couldn’t help but smile as nearly everything in the movie (minus the mystical magic shit which always upsets me since that never showed up anywhere in the book) reminded me of the kinds of adventurers I expect the characters in Gnome to be having.  The main character did some rather scary things.  She lept into a tractor in order to stop it despite the incredible dangers involved.  She approached a being that spends most of it’s day hunting down and eating creatures her size.  She approached a group of mysterious adn dangerous beings and even ran into a human dwelling to subdue a gigantic and evil cat.  This was not done out of the attitude of a questing adventurer but of a caring mother trying to save her family from certain death.

That’s the kind of attitude I want to catch in gnome.  The world is hostile, if it’s not humans, it’s predators, adn if it isn’t predators it’s the xenophobic cannibal tribe on the other side of the field.  Which gives me an oppurtunity to speak to you about the first step of Gnome character creation: Answering the Seven Questions Read the rest of this entry »